Tech Support

Tech Support

Tech Support

If you need expert help. We are available to assist you with:

Process review

Is your manufacturing process in the most cost effective and efficient manner?


We partner with Turbo Service & Trading (TST) in Germany to provide manufacturer independent service on turbo machinery:

  • Complete Overhauls:  -Gas or steam turbine with compressor    -Gas or steam turbine with generator    -Compressors with electrical motors
  • Reverse Engineering of Spare parts
  • Gas Turbine Spare Parts
  • Compressors with electrical motors

Need Assistance?

Our expert consultants have many years of experience on both sides of the Quality Assurance desk and can help you make sure that all aspects of your processes are in compliance and cost effective.

Our job is not just to sell Equipment and Supplies, but to be an asset to our customers and our trade by providing sound advice and information. We don’t have all the answers, but with a great team of professionals and industrial experiences. We know where to go and who to ask for honest advice.

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