NDT Equipment

NDT Equipment

NDT Equipment


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Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic testing equipment for metal, plastic and concrete; Flaw detectors, Thickness gauges, Phased array testing(PAUT) and Crawlers.

Thermographic Testing/Infrared Cameras

Cooled and Uncooled Infrared cameras for Non destructive testing, Plant inspection, Industrial research, Fire detection, Security applications and many more.

Electromagnetic Technique

Eddy current technique ECT, Low frequency electromagnetic technique LFET, Radio field electromagnetic technique RFET and Balance field electromagnetic technique BFET for Plant Inspection.


Videoscopes, Pipe cameras, Rigid borescopes, Intrinsically safe systems and Fiberscopes for visual inspections.

Tensile Testing

Single column, Double column and Hydraulic universal series tensile testing machine for tension, compression, bend, adhesion, shear and peel testing.

Environmental Test Chamber

Climatic test chambers, IPX test chambers, Salt spray test chambers and Aging test chambers for temperature and humidity testing, basic temperature cycling and thermal shock testing.

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