Overhead crane with carrier-beam

Product overview

  1. The crane is equipped with a detachable electromagnetic disk, which is especially suitable for handling ferrous metal products and materials with magnetic conductivity, such as ingots, section steels, pig iron blocks, etc. It is mainly used in rolling line, finished product warehouse, shipyard steel yard, blanking workshop, etc.
  2. The lifting weight of the crane includes the self weight of the electromagnet, and the total weight of the crane does not include the self weight of the electromagnet.
  3. The structure is simple, the force is balanced, and the disassembly is convenient.
  4. The structure of single or double drum driven by single motor ensures the synchronization of lifting objects.
  5. The metal structure of the hanging beam adopts the box beam type welded by steel plate, and the electromagnetic suction cup on the hanging beam can be disassembled, which is convenient for maintenance.
  6. The overload limiter adopts two sensors and two channels to input respectively, and sets control points for single lifting point and the resultant force of two lifting mechanisms respectively, so as to make the use of the crane more convenient and safer.

Product diagram and technical specifications (32t, 40t)

Technical parameters:

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