The most solid all-rounder of the cooled infrared camera systems

  • Detection of small details with detector of (640 × 512) IR pixels
  • High thermal resolution better than 20 mK for precision measurements
  • Snapshot detector for precise image acquisition at frame rates up to 125 kHz in full frame
  • Motorised focus unit enabling precise, remotely controlled and fast focusing


  • InfraTec-icon-detector-640x512

    Detector Format

    High resolution thermal images for temperature measurement

  • InfraTec-icon-therm-20mK

    Thermal Resolution

    Precise detection of smallest temperature differences

  • InfraTec-icon-blendenrad

    Rotating Filter- / Aperture wheel

    Usage for applications with high object temperatures and in spectral thermography

  • InfraTec-icon-trigger

    Internal Trigger Interface

    Camera control and output of control signals for external devices

  • Acquire Thermal Images in a Millisecond of Time

    The exact and fast control of the detectors of the ImageIR® 8300 series provides the possibility to acquire and analyse thermal images at a time scale of milliseconds. Thereby it allows an easy analysis of fast processes regarding their thermal changes. Thermal images can be stored at a frame rate of up to 2.5 kHz and provide insights into thermal changes of fast running processes.

  • InfraTec-icon-modular

    Modular Design Concept

    More flexibility for upgrades and changes of components


    Avoid Measurement Errors Using Highest
    Geometrical Resolution of (640 × 512) Infrared Pixels

    Compared with digital camera systems operating in the visible spectrum thermographic detector technologies still suffer from lower pixel numbers. Therefore every pixel counts as in former times of digital photography. This ImageIR® infrared camera series offers you (640 × 512) IR pixels of the high-resolution detector.


    Measure Precisely Over a Long Time

    A high long-term stability of the thermographic measurement with infrared camera systems of the ImageIR® 8300 series is achieved by an excellent thermal decoupling of the electronics module which will emit heat during its operation from the optical and detector module being most important for the signal receipt.


    Detect Smallest Temperature Differences Using High Thermal Resolution of 20 mK

    The thermal resolution of the ImageIR® infrared camera series allows you to measure smallest temperature differences of (at 30 °C). Thermal images with a narrow temperature span display details absolutely sharp. You will find interesting signatures even there where other infrared camera systems cannot detect any temperature differences any longer.


    Make Use of Spectral Filters for Material Specific Measurements

    Material specific emissivity and transmissivity properties have to be taken into account while measuring with infrared camera systems. The integration of spectral filters makes use of those specifics for special measurements. For example, spectral ranges of thin PE foils can be excluded in case they are highly transmissive – to say transparent. Like this only the radiation will be measured which is purely emitted by the foil itself. Based on its long experience in thermography InfraTec can support you in selecting the right spectral filter. The infrared camera systems of the ImageIR® series can integrate a remotely controllable filter wheel which can hold up to four spectral filters. The filter position close to the detector can avoid warm aperture effects and allows for the usage of smaller and thereby cheaper filters in the infrared camera.


    Extend Your Temperature Measurement Range with an Automatic Aperture Setting

    The temperature measurement range of the ImageIR® infrared camera series can be widened by an integrated aperture wheel. The motorized aperture wheel can be controlled by the camera control itself. Working with calibrated measurement ranges the appropriate aperture will even be automatically set in the infrared camera. When filter and aperture wheels are separately integrated ImageIR®camera series will be especially flexible in handling specific measurement situations.

Spectral range (2.0 … 5.7) µm
Pitch 15 µm
Detector MCT or InSb
Detector format (IR pixels) (640 × 512)
Readout mode ITR / IWR
Aperture f/3.0 or f/2.0
Detector cooling Stirling cooler
Temperature measuring range (-40 … 1,500) °C, up to 3,000 °C*
Measurement accuracy ± 1 °C or ± 1 %
Temperature resolution @ 30 °C MCT: Better than 0.02 K; InSb: Better than 0.025 K
Depending on model

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