A1211 MINI Tiny, handheld full-function ultrasonic flaw detector

Tiny, handheld full-function ultrasonic flaw detector.

Thanks to its extraordinarily small size and light weight this flaw detector can be used in cramped and hard conditions. It is very convenient for business trips.

It is the lightest flaw detector – only 230 g with the battery.

Specialists of any skill level can master the device even without training owing to its intuitive interface and simple and easy-to-use menu for quick setting and selecting of working configuration parameters.

The flaw detector has a high-contrast informative TFT display with the possibility to change the image orientation if the device is turned 90 degrees. Digital TCG configuring to display information in a horizontal and vertical version of the image orientation

A cover with built-in magnetic holder provides reliable fastening on metal surfaces for comfortable work in difficult-to-reach places and on heights.

Express ultrasonic inspection of metals, plastics and weld-joints and thickness measuring.

Search of places of corrosion, cracks, internal stratifications, delamination, foreign inclusions and other flaws.

Determination of coordinates and evaluation of parameters of the flaws in objects from metals and plastics.

Display can show A-scan and additional information: the ultrasound velocity, thickness of the object of inspection, frequency signal reflection, gain.

Velocity range 1 000 – 14 999 m/c
Working frequencies from 0,5 to 10,0 MHz
Gain regulation range from 0 to 80 dB
Gain setting step 1 dB
Display type TFT
Display resolution 320 х 240
Power supply Li-Pol battery
Power 3,7 V
Operation time from battery, not less than 9 h
Size 161 х 70 х 24 mm
Weight 230 g
Operation temperature from -20 to +55 ºC

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