A1207 PENGAUGE-pocket-type thickness gauge

A revised model of the pocket-type thickness gauge combining usability and convenience with new functional capabilities.

The thickness gauge is enclosed into a one-piece case with a removable tip having a built-in changeable wearproof single crystal transducer with operating frequency of 4 MHz. Small diameter of the working surface of the transducer allows testing of corroded surfaces objects with the minimum radius of curvature from 10 mm.

Hot-pluggable built-in transducer can be easily replaced by the user by means of unscrewing the tip and detaching the transducer capsule from the instrument without extra tools.

The instrument has a small size and weight (can be carried in pocket), simple adjustment and easy to use.

Built-in Bluetooth module provides communication and real-time display (online–thickness gauge) of digital measurement results and A-Scans of the signals to the screen of a smartphone or a tablet PC.

Dedicated software application allows viewing the digital measurement results and A-Scans of the signals for Android devices.

There is Automatic calibration of delay time (zero) of the built-in transducer.

Express ultrasonic inspection of wall thickness of the boilers and vessels, hull plates and other objects made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as for ultrasonic thickness measurements of the small-diameter metal and plastic pipes (from 20 mm)

Thickness measurement range (for steel) from 0.8 to 100.0 mm
Type and frequency of the changeable transducer single crystal, 4 MHz
Diameter of the working surface of the transducer 8 mm
Discreteness of measurements representation 0.1, 0.01 mm
Basic measurement accuracy for thickness X, not more: ± (0.005Х + 0.1) mm
Measurement units mm, inches
Range of ultrasonic velocity from 1 000 to 9 000 m/s
Discreteness of velocity tuning 1 m/s
Display type LCD
Power built-in LiPol rechargeable battery
Period of continuous operation of the instrument at positive temperatures 16 hours
Operating temperature range from -30 to +50 ˚С
Overall dimensions 125 х 25 х 15 mm
Weight 40 g

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