35 ~ 65t clamp bridge crane

Product overview

  1. The crane clamp is parallel to the main beam.
  2. This crane is used in steel plant, shipyard, port, storage yard, storage and other indoor or outdoor fixed Bay, loading and unloading and transporting steel plate slab, profile and other materials.
  3. This crane is especially suitable for lifting slab of different specifications. It can be equipped with different clamps according to the specifications (thickness, length, number of sheets, etc.) and weight of the lifted materials to meet the lifting requirements.
  4. According to the requirements of customers, we can provide: speed regulation (1:10 or larger), overload and alarm, remote control, PLC control and fault detection, display system, etc.
  5. The hoisting adopts double mechanism and four brake structure, and the motor is equipped with overspeed switch, which ensures the stable, safe and reliable hoisting.
  6. The main electric control components are arranged in the main beam, which prolongs the life of the electrical components and reduces the electric control failure.
  7. The double lifting point clamp spreader is locked by its own weight, and the shutter is positioned to automatically realize the opening and closing of the jaws, which does not consume electric energy and is conducive to environmental protection. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, low price, small size and light weight.

Product diagram and technical specifications (35t, 50t, 65t)

Technical parameters:

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